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Solusi University Partners with ServCor

As part of its rebranding exercise, Solusi University has engaged Servcor catering company to revamp the food services in the cafeteria in a bid to provide superior meals that are healthy, palatable and of high standard at very affordable prices to students and the greater Solusi community.

Dr. Christopher N. Thebe (Dean of Students) said the move to engage Servcor as a catering firm rose out of a need to improve the food services in the cafeteria and also to reduce losses.
“We have been incurring losses in the cafeteria over the past years and our students have been complaining of substandard food.”
“We agreed as the administration to engage a private firm so as to curb this situation. “Our food will still be a dollar per meal”, said Thebe.

The Zimbabwean-based premier food and management services company has over three decades of experience in the catering industry and is now set to bring a new dimension of meal preparation to Solusi University.
Tongai Zhou who is the Catering Manager spoke highly of the catering services and made a special invitation to Solusi employees.
“As Servcor, we strongly believe in our brand and the quality of the food we serve. We are also saying that our coming here will not only benefit the students, but we want the faculty and staff to be free and comfortable to come and eat from the cafeteria with their families.”
"Let's say you drove into town on Friday afternoon and you fail to prepare your Sabbath lunch before
sunset, you can make advance booking so that you could come and eat with your family from the cafeteria.

Dr. Thebe expressed strong sentiments of positive outcomes through partnering with Servcor. This is not the first time Servcor has done business with Solusi University. Last year, the student leaders were given 6 meals over a period of two days at a Student Leaders retreat at the expense of Servcor.

The SRC Vice-President Casandra Ncube felt that the company should commence business as soon as possible as the leaders expressed their appreciation of the meals that were provided.
“I hope they begin serving us as soon as yesterday, their meals are so good and different. This is marvelous and I will definitely tell the other students”, said Ncube.


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