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Deputy Minister’s Visit to Solusi

The deputy minister for Finance Honourable Terence Mukupe was at Solusi on Friday the 15th of June 2018 to give a Public lecture on “The cash crisis, the Solution.”

Hon. Mukupe projected the financial situation in Zimbabwe and stated the challenges that the country is currently going through and assured his audience that a solution was going to be established before the end of the year.

“There are lot of people doing side market purchasing tobacco, maize and gold, that is where the money is going. If you want bond notes, go to the bush that is where the money is.”

The Minister also made mention of the great desire to bring back local currency as a way to curb the cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

“I need to tell you that dollarization stabilizes the economy but no growth, which is why we need to have our own currency. We need to bring back the Zim dollar.”

In light of Solusi University and other private universities, the Minister supported the idea of reducing students study permit in a bid to bring in more foreign students as the permit that is currently being charged by Zimbabwe is exorbitant and scare away many potential students.

“Definitely we have to reduce students permit so that the country would attract more foreign students, get a mix of cultures, network with other nationalities and get new ideas from other countries. Foreign students will also bring in foreign currency. I will talk to immigration to see what can be done about this situation.”

The Vice-chancellor for Solusi University Professor Ephraim Gwebu asked the Minister if he had noticed how bad the road from Solusi to Bulawayo was and if there were plans to consider it in the next budget.

“Honourable Deputy Minister sir, I hope you did notice how bad our road is. I hope through your esteemed office you will help us get the road fixed”, said Prof. Gwebu.

In his response, Mukupe promised to do something about the Solusi road in the next country’s budget for 2019.

“We are considering the Solusi road in the next budget. We will do something about it,” said Mukupe.

In his closing remarks Mukupe encouraged graduates to actively participate in rebuilding Zimbabwe and not only watch from a distance as social critiques and analysists.



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