Solusi University exists to provide quality holistic Christian education at undergraduate and graduate levels primarily for the Seventh- Day Adventist constituency in Zimbabwe Union Conference and other entities who meet the educational and character standards established by the Council.

Solusi is driven by the quest to equip students to develop and put into practice creative, God centered, gender sensitive, and rights-based ways to reach human development potential that God wishes for every human being. Solusi maintains zero discrimination to all academically qualified students and staff irrespective of their physical disabilities, age, gender, cultural background and religious affiliation.

Faculty of Business


At the Faculty of Business,  we impart excellence, Christian ethics and values along with the academic knowledge imperative for success in the competitive business world. The degree in the Faculty of Business is offered to give students an opportunity to learn  managerial and administrative competencies,  social and legal responsibilities of business and the use and management of information technology.   LEARN MORE

Faculty of Arts 


We equip students with language analytical skills to fully leverage the power of language,  in both verbal and non-verbal communication and teach  the value of historical knowledge and trends in historical development.  This confers conflict resolution skills such as mediation, arbitration, negotiation, violence prevention, peacemaking,  peacekeeping and community building LEARN MORE  

Faculty of Science and Technology

faculty_scienceTrue science leads students to deeper understanding and appreciation of the wisdom and power of the Creator, and acquisition of insights that can be applied in service to man. The faculty offers programmes that are relevant to the lives of the populace and raising issues and testing ideas which might be challenged through debate or experimentation. LEARN MORE  

Faculty of Education

faculty_educationThe Faculty of education is commited to quality Christian education in the Seventh -Day Adventist tradition. In the context of education, the Faculty offers professional programmes to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of society. LEARN MORE

Faculty of Theology

The mission of the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies is to develop and prepare pastors and scholars in Religion, through instruction and fellowship to serve God, the church and society as commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ. God has commissioned us to advance His work of reconciling human beings to God and to fellow men, and to do the work of restoring the image of God in humanity LEARN MORE