Development Projects


“Growth is the only evidence of life. Our mission must involve investing in expansion and keeping up with technology for the sake of future generations”

– Solusi University Strategic Plan, 2012 


As part of our continuing effort to uplift standards and adhere to the progressive  vision of the Adventist creed, we are conducting a modernization campaign with a host of development initiatives at it’s core. This effort will raise the standards of learning, attract and retain top talent, enable the institution to leverage it’s own resources for self-sustained growth and financial stability and, on the overall, enhance the experience of being part of the Solusi fraternity for students, staff and the surrounding community

Instructional Infrastructure

instructionalThis includes construction of new instructional spaces to accommodate over 5,000 students annually, doubling enrollment  figures and enhancing  the learning experience. Further, extension of  the library, addition of  books and equipment, and records digitization, are at various stages of realization LEARN MORE

Student Comfort/ Security

student1This aspect of our modernization campaign focuses on expansion of facilities for accommodation, dining, recreation, worship, transport and hosting of co-curricular activities. This also includes establishment of an endowment fund for student aid and disaster response strategies LEARN MORE  

 Recruiting PhD Holders

phdAttracting and retaining faculty with terminal degrees is an important part of creating exceptional academic programmes, that will produce competitive graduates that the market demands. We are addressing, renumeration, benefits, research support and other factors that will ensure excellence in this area LEARN MORE  

Environment Infrastructure

envWe have undertaken various initiatives related to landscaping and road re carpeting,waste water treatment,  adoption of solar technology, and recycling of refuse for energy generation. We are also upgrading the water supply system to ensure consistent quality in supply and encourage conservation LEARN MORE

Community Outreach

communityOur outreach effort aims to co-opt  residents of our immediate surroundings as part and parcel of our community to exemplify our service ethic as well as build a positive brand image. This includes construction of health and wellness facilities , extension of present primary and secondary school facilities and  construction of National youth camps LEARN MORE

Financial Sustainability

financial2Our Strategic Plan aims to leverage presently available facilities and assets into major income earners;  Establishment of a business park and development of our existing agribusiness effort to expand our financial base.  In addition, we are establishing an endowment fund for support of academic initiatives and needy students LEARN MORE

Get Involved

You too can play a part in our transformation, through financial support, professional contribution, resource mobilization or by simply telling others about our work. How would you like to help?


donateWe accept donations via mail, telephone, bank transfer, credit card and Paypal.



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