Faculty Of Business

faculty_biz1Welcome to the Faculty of Business! We impart excellence, Christian ethics and values along with the academic knowledge imperative for success in the competitive business world.

The degree in the Faculty of Business is offered to give students an opportunity to learn (1) managerial and administrative competencies; (2) social and legal responsibilities of business; and (3) the use and management of information technology.



Departments under Faculty of Business

1. Department of Accounting. Click here.
2. Department of Computer and Management Information Systems (CMIS). Click here.
3. Department of Finance. Click here.
4. Department of Management and Marketing. Click here.
5. Graduate Studies Department. Click here.

 Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Degrees

Currently Offered


Post Graduate Degrees

Currently Offered

– Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Doctorate Degrees

Currently Offered



Information for all courses offered under the Faculty of Business is available in the bulletin which can be accessed on this PDF downloadable file.

 Career Development Services

In order to expose students to the world of work and to assist them in development of careers, all students are expected to register for industrial attachment for a period of not less than 10 months. Other career development events are organized by the University from time to time including a job placement fair for graduating students.

 How to Apply

See our admissions page for entrance and registration requirements