Campaign Solusi

Join our worldwide campaign to bring together alumni, staff, students, friends and well-wishers to uplift Solusi

An Introduction From the Vice Chancellor


Dear friends,

You are being presented with an opportunity to be part of Campaign Solusi and contribute to transformation of an institution that has inspired thousands of people on the journey of hope.
In 1894 Ellen G. White intervened and counseled the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists to accept Government offer of free land to establish Solusi Mission 50 kilometers from Bulawayo city in Zimbabwe. For the past 128 years, Solusi has prepared thousands of students to lead exemplary lives full of meaning, purpose and hope. Transformed by the life changing experience they received at Solusi, our students have scaled the heights of personal, spiritual and professional growth inspiring hope and courage. As a direct outcome of the graduates from Solusi, thousands of churches have been established, including hundreds of schools, and dozens of health centers that have impacted the lives of millions of people in Central and Southern Africa and beyond.

That same dynamic and transformational Adventist Philosophy of life, that inspired previous generations of students, still animates the curriculum and extra-curriculum activities at Solusi. Over the years we have maintained commitment and excellence in the provision of a general curriculum that emphasize the mental, physical, spiritual and social aspects of each student. Our students have gone on to occupy the highest leadership positions in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the government and community.

However in recent years we have noted that rapid social advancement with its accompanying challenges, has created the need for new ways of doing business. Social change has imposed new demands on Solusi to enable it to attract and retain students and equip them to play catalytic leadership roles within a modern technologically advanced society. New programs, increased student enrollment, improved student spaces and services, spacious and technologically equipped instructional spaces, an aesthetic and beautiful green campus, highly skilled and better equipped faculty and staff are now required in order to maintain relevance and sustain our tradition and leadership in transformative education.

In several section of this website you are presented with opportunities to join us in repositioning ourselves to remain relevant in the educating of 21st century leaders “who can not be bought or sold”. With a sense of urgency, Solusi has launched “CAMPAIGN SOLUSI” which is a comprehensive and ambitious fundraising campaign to transform itself into an institution capable of attracting, retaining and equipping students with relevant modern skills.

There are many ways to give to Solusi and contribute to Campaign Solusi and “donating money” is only one among many other gifts you can give to Solusi. Through your partnership we can rise to the challenge and continue to shape the destiny of thousands of lives every year through provision of exceptional services that match and even excel those offered by any top world class university on the continent.


Thank you.
Dr. Joel Musvosvi
Vice Chancellor