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Business Administration

Solusi Faculty of Commerce


The Faculty of Commerce is committed to prepare students that will “add value” to organizations facing emerging changes, challenges and trends in the business world. It is determined to equip students with appropriate managerial competences and analytical skills suitable for modern technology environment which enables them to make informed decisions. The faculty integrates business ethics with Christian values in all activities.


The Faculty of Commerce exists to provide quality, holistic and transformational academic delivery, research, mentoring and building sustainable relationships with students and industry based on the Seventh-day Adventist church philosophy of Education in order to equip students for useful service to God and the community, and to enjoy productive live.

Dr. Innocent Sigauke, PhD

Chairperson - Dept. Management and Marketing


Solusi Prof B Baidya

Siduduzile Malufu 

Chairperson - Dept. of Accounting, Finance, and Computer & MIS 



Computer and Management Information Systems