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Frequently Asked Questions

Is solusi university a privately run university?

Yes, Solusi University is a privately run university. It does not receive any funding or any grants from the Government of Zimbabwe, but funds 100% of its operations. It is a Seventh Day Adventist Church institution.

How many A' Level points do I need in order to be considered?

If you are under 23 years of age, you need at least a total of 2 points from two subjects (i.e. 1 point a subject). If you are above 23 years old you can qualify through what we call Mature Entry whereby 5 O' Level passes with C or better are enough.

How long are your degree programs?

Most of our degree programs are 4 years. The third year is normally an Industrial Attachment where a student will be required to be attached to a lawfully registered organisation in a country of their residence and assigned duties in line with their degree of study.

How much in demand are your degrees?

Ask around, our graduates don't roam the streets. Our degrees are not only relevant, but we endeavour to educate all the three faculties of a human being - The Head (Intellect), the Hand (Physical being) and the Heart (Spiritual being).

Do I always have to be physically on campus for lectures?

You can choose to:

  1. Be a regular student whereby you will be resident at campus and attend physical classes within campus in each semester.
  2. Be a bimester student. We have Bulawayo, Harare and Victoria Falls centres. Get registered at our centre near you. Lectures are after hours and at times on Sundays during the day as well. This way you are free to do your occupational work during working hours.
  3. You join a block release and learn during school holidays for specified periods.

NB: Covid-19 has taught us the art of E-learning. All the above options may be spiced up with online classes here and there as situations permit.

What happens when my fees are not enough?

We have a Students Work Program, whereby a student struggling with fees can offer some manual work services during their spare-time and those hours they worked are then monetised and and credited into their accounts. This goes a long way in reducing one's total amount to be paid as fees. 

How do I apply?

Apply Online  OR Just download an Application Form  by clicking a link found in most of the pages in our website, then fill and resend it back to us by clicking the Send your filled Application Form link. It is that easy. You can even do it here  Download Application Form     Send Your Filled Application Form