Heritage Scholarship

The heritage scholarship fund essentially subsidizes 50% of the total fees to its beneficiaries at Solusi University.

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Heritage Scholarship

A common misconception about scholarships is that they are only available for the smartest students with the highest GPAs. While many scholarships are merit-based, there are just as many that are not. Solusi University, for example, provides non-merit-based scholarships through the

Heritage Scholarship Fund

The heritage scholarship fund essentially subsidizes 50% of the total fees to its beneficiaries at Solusi University.

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Our Vision

To attain excellency in all aspects of the university

Our Mission

To provide quality, holistic, transformational education, based on the Seventh-Day Adventist Church philosophy of education

Our Values

The 10 Commandments
One Anotherness

Our Philosophy

Solusi University believes that human beings were created by God in His own image and that, through sin, they were separated from God. However, through the redemptive work of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, humans can be restored to a full relationship with God. Solusi University gives special emphasis to the development of the individual’s spiritual, mental, physical and social faculties

International Networks

Our courses open doors to rewarding and challenging careers in health, science, arts,  theology and business. You’ll benefit from our international environment where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks.

Student Contact Hours

Solusi University’s transformational education system and leadership training includes mandatory class attendance, prescribed level of teacher-student contact and participation in group learning environment.

Development of self discipline

Self discipline across all critical spheres of life including dress, is a hallmark of Solusi University’s transformational and redemptive education system.

Superb location

Our out-of-town location provides an excellent learning environment on a campus free from pollution, corruption, drug abuse and sexual harassment.

Academic Quality and University Reputation

Solusi University is known for offering relevent and industry oriented programs that ensures a great product ready for the market.


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