The advent of Social Media has left many casual and unsuspecting internet users exposed to all sorts of ills. These ills can cause remarkable traumas to a victim. It is therefore advisable for ALL online users to be vigilant and exercise due diligence before clicking.

These ills can range from Cyber Bullying, Online Stalking, Personification, or even outright Hacking. Visualize someone walking on the beach by the seashore. They will leave behind clear footprints that another person can use to track them.

Internet – a Beach

The International Network (Internet) is that gigantic beach which, if one is not careful, they can leave behind some unwanted digital footprints which can come to haunt them in future.

Before they hire a job applicant, some organizations search through the internet for candidate’s digital footprints. You do not want to lose that dream job of yours just because you were so reckless and you left some footprints that de-market you.

Internet – a jungle

Also, visualize the internet as a jungle full of all sorts of dangers and possibilities. You naturally would want to be alert when navigating such a terrain. Do not leave some footprints that can attract an unwanted and unwelcome “friend” who will either strike you when you least expect, or impersonate you somewhere.


At times it might not be a good idea to post all your life on Social Media such that the whole world knows where you are, at which hour, and who you are hanging out with. There are other details that you would want to keep close to your chest. It’s true, Social Media platform are supposed to protect their respective guests by protecting as much as possible the digital footprints that they leave behind, yet it should be your responsibility as a person to be extra careful yourself.

Conclusion Remember – prevention is better than cure. And some damages cannot be reversed. So next time you are online (like now, since you got this article online), exercise that due care on what digital footprints you leave behind.  

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