Material 1

  • Ant-hill Red Soil
  • bricks/stones chips
  • straw/Hay/ dry grass flakes

        Material 2

  • cement powder, bricks, ant-hill –
  • soil, and sand
  • grille piece (option)
Hand Curved Stove

Single Cooking Stove

Procedure: Softly and smoothly process the soil into clay dough with water. Combine with a handful of bricks or stone chips and some straw/dry grass flakes.  Combination of these three different materials make it smoother and holds the clay together much stronger.  Make a round heap however high or low depending on the position you prefer.  Wait for 2/3 days to dry up the wet before you design and shape your stove.   Make sure the cooking pots you will be using fit and are able to sit on top of the stove.  Shape the opening part as round as possible. The smaller you shape it, the better the food will cook on top. The bigger you shape the mouth of the stove, more the firewood consumes as well your cooking pots will be mess.  Make inside hollow, spacious, and deep enough to become heat.  Plaster your stove with the same red soil when designing and shaping is done.  Leave for some time until the stove is dry.  You may then paint your stove with mixtures of red soil and cement powder paste or a thick  liquid and begin cooking in a couple of days!  Use the pieces and sizes of firewood smaller than the shape of the opening of your stove prevents from damaging.  In order to avoid and reduce the smokes, store the slim and lighter pieces of chopped wood that helps you quick and easy to lit the fire.  Do not force with larger and heavier slices of woods that may damage your luxurious stove.  If any cracks show up, you can repair with the same materials above.    

Materials 2

The procedures to make a cooking stove for materials 2 can be complete within the same day or you may wait for the following day to plaster and to  paint your stove.

A Portable Firewood Cooking stove

You can use any type of unused pots in a portable stove. It is easy to move and carry around.  It can be used in the  place where you feel comfortable. It is  affordable  with one or two pieces of sliced wood can prepare your food. It is  easier on the eyes, resulting in much  more excitement when preparing the food. This type of stove can only be used for a few items and is much more efficient in terms of time. It is economical, easy to take care and keeps your surroundings clean, allowing for a healthier lifestyle.

Cooking Utensils

Cleaning your utensils afterwards is often times the harder and unexciting part.  It is difficult for me, in fact, mothers  who like to cook food and keep their  cooking pots/utensils in a certain order and manner.  This pretty cooking stove will not make your utensils look miserable. The pots are overlaid with things which are close to your hand is already inside the stove -the white ash.  It is amazing how two small pieces of wood can help a family cook their meals for the entire day.  No matter the weather, the stove will provide you with a warm and satisfying homemade meal at the end of the day.

More Exciting Cooking Stoves

These are interesting!  Even to one of our members, who is clearly a  big fan of the fish!  From this view, the inside the stove is spacious  and much deeper; providing a lot of fire and heat; resulting cooking more than what you thought to cook for the day. Food is prepared very quickly through this method and makes it even more tasty and appetizing.  It can be useful for any occasion, whether it’s a small or big get-together.  It can ease any difficult cooking circumstances you face. There will be no regrets with this incredible stove in your home  but for every incredible thing to last handling and taking care are equally very important.

Hand Curved Stoves

Black Diamonds

We use the firewood charcoal as a form of medicine when our stomach gets upset and when we experience indigestion.  We make powder out of firewood charcoal and mix a teaspoon in a glass of warm water and consume  it as home remedies and it works  wonderfully well.

Our four fathers and present generations  have made tooth powders out of it as well, which my mother still considers as the best tooth powder invented to clean teeth and I  can attest to that claim. The charcoal powder keeps the teeth clean and strong, eliminating  bad breath.  I wash and stock so they can be reused.  Fill the washed charcoal on the grill stove and lit the fire.  It cooks the food extremely well.  Some of the foods I  personally cook this way.  They are fish and chicken, which are both roasted on the grill. I also bake raw potatoes, sweet potatoes, egg plants, maze, and all other foods within a few minutes.  It is even more advantageous in the winter times as it keeps your living room warm at the same time.  Due to their beneficial properties, I refer to them as black diamonds.

Recycling the Firewood Charcoals

2 Burners in 1 Stove Materials: same as above


This follows a similar process; however, you will need a double portion of the materials.  Carve a strong heap of clay approximately 30 inches high (20 inches length vertically and 20 inches breadth horizontally).  Give it some time to dry before shaping.  This will allow for the two holes to be easily made on top of the  clay mound. Make a partition of 7 to 8 inches between the two burners.  Make sure your cooking pots sit evenly and have enough distance between each other.  The two holes should be made approximately 20 inches deep enough and hollow spacious.  The front should be opened approximately 6 inches vertically and horizontally in the middle of the stove.  Remove the soil carefully from the bottom of the partition and leave one fourth of the divider on top to allow for it to make one space inside.  Make sure to keep approximately 6 inches divider between the two holes so your pots can be equally heated.  Plaster the stove.  After a couple of days, you may set the fire and begin cooking.  You can eventually make a three to four-burner cooking stove using the same process to cook and enjoy three different varieties of food.

Mastering the New Techniques from kitchen Corner

I’ve always looked at cooking as my own personal territory because it gives me control of what I want to eat.  I like learning, improving and mastering new techniques to cooking styles.  I enjoy watching the satisfaction my food provides in their bellies.  It is a large part of what I contribute to my family life as well so knowing that they are content gives me joy.

Food that I prepare through this method turns out to be much more delicious and fulfilling.  It was a good way to keep myself busy amidst this lockdown. It felt extremely refreshing and rejuvenating being outside and cooking, since often times it is done inside.  It makes me not miss my gas and electric stove at all since I am able to still achieve a healthy diet with a good number of flavors.

The lockdown of COVID – 19 was an opportunity to build my own permanent firewood cooking stove.  I don’t have to worry when there is no cooking gas and electricity!   It makes me want to take care of my surroundings as well and gives me a sense of calmness when I see everything around me tidy.  Keeping my yards in order can also support and promote good health and longevity.  It is always vital to create alternative ways to survive in critical situations.   The lockdown has inspired me to implement my thoughts and help others to utilize alternative approaches to cooking; something as simple as carving clay stove showcases.   



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